56 Rounds 
T. R. Carter and Stephen Gilette Single Channel Video Installation 56:00 mins

The city exists as a series of social arrangements whereby one’s individuality can be displaced by the collective terms of shared identity. These urban spatial identities enable us to find our place and establish fields of social interaction. 
Love, too, subsists on a level of shared identity as the individuality of the lovers is subsumed into the newly created collective.  The collective both inspires and becomes a weight to the individuals, whilst the individuals assert themselves over and become submissive to each other and their shared whole. In 56 Rounds Carter and Gilette test the tripartite nature of their love, asking the viewer where the collective starts and the individual ends. Pitting themselves against and allowing themselves to be carried by each other and their combined form, they play out their cyclical routine in an arena of urban malaise.

This project was inspired by a short story written by Nicole Sergi.

Love/City I: LOVE in the CITY - Testing Grounds